Car Crash Injuries: 3 Financial Impacts For Family Summer Vacations

Posted on: 14 June 2016

As children get out of school, it's a common time for many families to start planing their summer vacations. If you've been injured in a car accident, then those plans may completely change as you heal from injuries and the various impacts that they have caused. Instead of paying for everything out of pocket, you can seek reimbursement for your extra expenses through a personal injury settlement case. When you've been injured before or during a family summer vacation, there are three financial impacts to consider for the case. Each of these impacts can be included with your final settlement and will help you get back on your feet after the injuries have healed.

Vacation Reservations & Event Tickets

One of the biggest impacts a car crash injury may have on your summer vacation is on any type of vacation reservation that you may have had. When an injury is severe, you may have to cancel vacations all together. Depending on the refund policy, you may lose out on full purchases or the deposits that you placed for various vacation destinations. By moving forward with a settlement case, you can ensure that you are compensated for this lost money. Along with a room or resort deposit, it's also important to consider any traveling cancellation fees that you may have paid for through airlines, car rental companies, or bus companies.

You can also seek compensation for a variety of events like concerts, festivals, or outdoor arena shows. You may have also purchased tickets to local attractions like an amusement park. For example, if you purchased an amusement park season pass, then you may lose out on the money spent on the pass due to the inability to attend the theme park. An attorney can help calculate all of these costs and the financial impact that they have had for the summer. By receiving compensation, you can put the money towards getting tickets for the next summer. When ticket fees apply to everyone in your family, these costs can add up quickly and make a huge impact on your settlement case.

Summer Daycare Services

As summer vacation approaches, your children are out of school and home for every weekday. When suffering from a personal injury, you may not have the ability to care for them throughout the day. If this is the case, then you may have to pay extra for daycare services or for the use of a nanny within your home. The extra assistance can help take care of the children, assist them with physical needs, or complete tasks like preparing dinner. These services can help with the quality of life in your home and should be included within your settlement case. If you were not involved in the car accident in the first place, the you would not have had to pay for these services. The costs can quickly add up, so receiving compensation for them can make a huge difference on your case.

Adaptive Equipment

Instead of losing out on family activities during the summer, you can adapt to some of your injuries and still enjoy summer traditions with your children. The purchase of adaptive equipment can make a big difference on your ability to participate in summer activities. For example, if you enjoy swimming with your children, then there are a number of tools that can help you access the water without putting too much pressure on various types of injuries. The costs for this equipment can be included in your settlement case. Along with swimming equipment, you may purchase adaptive equipment to help you cook on the grill, play backyard games, or host a campfire for your children.

Your summer may be ruined due to a car accident injury, but it doesn't have to drain your bank account. A settlement case can have a large difference on the compensation your receive for a car crash. For more information, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area. 


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