Five People Who Could Be Liable In Your Assault Case

Posted on: 28 December 2017

If you have been assaulted in any way, you definitely want to seek out compensation for damages done. Even if these were not physical injuries, there could still be some serious psychological damage that has been done because of assault. Here are five people who could be liable in your case:

  1. The Direct Assaulter: The most obvious person is the direct assaulter. This is the person who has either harmed you physically, touched you inappropriately, or even simply threatened to harm you or assault you in any other way. If they have caused fear in you, which also includes stalking behavior, then it could be considered assault. You definitely want to consult with an assault attorney at this point. 
  2. The Owner of the Property You Were Assaulted On: There are some situations in which the owner of the property was responsible for your safety, but it was not met, when you were assaulted. This is usually when the assault has taken place on school grounds or in a place of employment. The owner may be somewhat responsible, and you are able to seek out compensation from them. 
  3. The Assaulter's Employer: There are also specific cases in which the assaulter's employer could be responsible. This is usually the case if the assaulter was working in your home and attacked you, or a background check was not properly put in place, before they were hired. The employer could also be responsible, if the assaulter used something to harm you that was the employer's property. 
  4. The Government: The government is usually responsible in the case of not providing accurate information about the person's criminal history in the assaulter's background. This happens if a previous record was found that was not placed in their criminal history, and thus, when a background check was done, it came up clear. 
  5. The Assaulter's Accomplices: The accomplices don't necessarily have to be someone who was there who aided in the assault. It could be someone who sold the assaulter a weapon or something similar. It could even be someone who knew the assaulter had bad intensions but still drove them to your home where the assault took place. 

There are many people who could be held accountable in your case, however, because it can get complicated and needs significant proof to back it up, it's important to discuss this all with your assault attorney.

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