Will a DWI Curtail Your Right to Drive?

Posted on: 15 August 2018

If you've been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated you are facing some potentially serious punishments if you are convicted. One of those punishments might be a loss of driving privileges. You may have heard it said that driving is a privilege and not a right and that is never more truer than when you are facing DWI charges. If you are worried about your future, read on and learn what could happen to your driving privilege.

Facing the Seriousness of the Offense

The level of punishment handed down depends on several factors revolving around the arrest and your criminal record. For example, punishment for a DUI conviction might be based on:

  • Number of past DWI convictions.
  • Accompanying charges that stemmed from the arrest.
  • Whether or not there was a wreck with injuries or property damage at the time of the incident.

Limited Driving Privileges in Some Cases

To be approved for any driving at all after a DWI you must show both merit and need. Proof of the need to drive is often a requirement. Some common reasons for asking for limited driving privileges include:

  • Employment
  • Attending addiction counseling or other court-ordered classes or therapy.
  • Attending college
  • Emergencies
  • Driving minor children to school or doctor's appointments

Getting a Hardship License

Once you are arrested for a DWI, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will suspend your driver's license and your driving privileges will be revoked until further action is taken. To drive again, you must be approved by a judge and apply with the DMV for a special type of license known as a hardship license. These special licenses have restrictions that may only allow driving to and from certain locations and only at certain times of the day and days of the week. They are meant to be used for certain purposes, such as driving back and forth to work and if you are found to be driving for any other purposes you'll lose the privilege entirely and likely face additional charges.

Seek Help with Your Driving Privileges

The ability to drive again is but one of many issues you may be facing if you've been arrested for DWI. Speak to a DWI attorney at once for help in getting your charges reduced and your driving privileges returned to you. The attorney will likely help you interpret your situation and figure out how to best move forward.


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