Your Auto Accident Checklist To Ensure Your Bases Are Covered

Posted on: 8 November 2018

Getting into an auto accident can leave you a bit disorientated, both physically and mentally. You'll not only need to deal with a potential injury, but you'll need to set yourself up for success in a potential legal battle to receive the compensation you deserve. Here is a checklist of things you should do after an auto accident.

Notify The Police

If possible, you should notify the police about the accident so they can visit the accident site and start the police report. The police will only come if the accident occurred on public property in the city that the police department is in, so make sure you have the right police department when you call.

Gather Information

You should start getting contact information from everyone involved in the accident, which will ensure that you can reach them later if necessary. Don't forget to talk to witnesses as well, since you may need them to make an official statement about what they saw later.

Take Plenty of Photos

Start taking photos of the accident site so that everything is documented. There can be a lot of telling information from photos that help prove your story later on. For instance, skid marks behind where your vehicle was hit, how far your vehicle traveled after impact, and what part of the vehicle was hit are all important details that can help piece everything together, especially if the other driver changes their story to avoid being blamed for the crash.

Get Medical Attention

Your injuries should be treated by a medical professional immediately, even if you do not think they are that bad. Injuries can get worse over time, and you might may be surprised to go to bed with a sore neck and wake up with limited mobility. You might be able to walk on a torn muscle right after the crash, but be in a ton of pain the next day. Medical treatment is your way to prove that the injury was serious and related to the crash.

Hire a Lawyer

It is best to hire a lawyer to deal with your auto accident-related injury. They can start contacting the other driver's insurance company to receive compensation, help come up with a fair dollar amount to ask for, and deal with meditation to reach a settlement. A car accident lawyer is your best bet of receiving the money that you deserve to help recover from the auto accident.


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