Stop A Cyberbully From Harassing Your Teen And Seek Justice

Posted on: 2 February 2019

There are many facets of cyber bullying and the manner in which a web-based bullying case is handled. This is often dependent upon the jurisdiction in which a crime occurred. If your teenager is being harassed daily by what you suspect to be an online predator, your loved one's mental stability and safety depend upon a quick response and course of action that will stop the predator and charge them accordingly.

Find Out The Extent Of The Harassment

Your teenager needs to know that they have your full support and that you do not judge or  blame them for the incident that has occurred. This will ensure that an open line of communication isn't compromised.

Acquire details that will let you know about the extent of the harassment. What type of site was your child on? At what point did the perpetrator attempt to engage in an online conversation? Were initial comments pretty standard, which led your child to trusting the person or did the person begin using derogatory comments and threats right away?

These questions should be explored so that you have an idea of how the situation got out of hand. The information will be useful when speaking to law officials or a lawyer who provides criminal victim services. 

Curb Online Sessions Or Use A Monitoring Device

Your loved is probably quite scared since receiving suggestive or threatening messages. Tell your child that you would like them to stay off of the site in question for a while so that the person who is responsible for the crime can be caught and apprehended. This does not mean that your child should give up using the internet completely.

An internet monitoring device can be used to oversee your child's internet usage or you can request a list of sites that they will be spending time on so that you can determine if you think the sites are relatively harmless.

Cops Or A Cyber Crime Unit May Be Used To Capture The Person

Police can use tracking methods to determine the ip address that belongs to the perpetrator. If your child received text messages or emails from the offender, then there will be a trail of clues that will help the law officers locate the address that belongs to the guilty party. Unfortunately, some states don't impose severe penalties for cyber crimes and your attorney may advise you to seek damages through a civil court.

There are several states, however, that do take cyber bullying much more serious. A cyber crime unit usually assists in states with harsher penalties. The members of a crime unit can locate the whereabouts of a perpetrator, follow their online activity, and perform a sting operation. After the bully is arrested, a criminal attorney will represent your teenager during a court hearing and attempt to prove that your child was a victim of a crime.


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